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Google Integrates Tasks in Calendar

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

Google Tasks, the simple to-do system built into Gmail has just been integrated into Google Calendar.Google has now finally made it more than easier to manage your tasks from a single interface.Tasks with due dates will now show up in the Calendar, and it’s possible to enter tasks directly into it as well.

There are two ways to view your tasks in Google Calendar: in the right sidebar, where you can also manage your tasks, and as a built-in calendar. You can see the tasks link in the upper right-hand corner of the Google Calendar page with all your tasks synced from Gmail, and a new “Tasks” calendar will be added to your list of calendars.Once you click on it, a box will come up on the opposite side of the screen, where you can add tasks in list form. They come with checkboxes so you can check them off as you accomplish them, and a form to enter a due date. The task will then appear on your calendar on the day it is due.

Features of Google Task

  • Tasks that have due dates will automatically appear on your calendar in the All Day event section.
  • To create a task with a due date in Calendar, click on an empty space in Month view or in the All Day section and select the Task option.
  • To attach a due date to an existing task, click the right arrow next to the task in question in the Task list. Then, click on the calendar icon to select a date.
  • To modify a task's date, simply drag the task to a new date (as you would with a calendar event).
  • To mark a task as complete from within Calendar, click on the checkbox next to the task.

Adding tasks is normally like you do it regularly, however to add a date to the task just click on the arrow in the right and side and add a completion date to it.Once you have completed a task, you can check the box, and it will automatically cross that task out both in the list and on the calendar.

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