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Clean Up Hard Disk Data & Regain Space

Posted by Wonderful-Tricks

This tip is useful for most Windows Operating System based PC users where in they want to regain the hard disk storage space instead of buying a new Hard Disk Drive. Currently you would find these options only in Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista. If you find that your Disk Drives are full and you get a message for the same then its time for buying a new External Hard Disk Drive, upgrading your internal hard disk or else applying the following tweaks.

Click on My Computer Icon located on your desktop and go to the desired drive in which you want to regain the space by deleting unnecessary files. Right click on the drive and click on ‘Properties’. On the main first ‘General’ Tab you will find ‘Disk Cleanup’ option, Click on it.

It starts scanning for Compressed Old Files, Catalog Files for the Content Indexer & Recycle Bin Files. Then gives you with a quick report on the files which can be deleted, and a option to Check/unCheck them before deleting. Generally these files are permanently deleted and you cannot recover them. The Old Compressed files are those which are saved on your after a certain time period and there is generally no need for those.

Once you select these files and CleanUp you would regain a lot of hard disk space which was previously used by useless files.

The saved space may not be very high but it depends on the files space already used and deleted after the above step but it can still help you when you are in urgent need of some Disk Space while installing a new software.

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