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BMW is currently working on a technology that might be the staple of the future: a new learning navigation system that “learns” the driver’s destination of choice, driving habits and analyzes the current location with the next possible destination. The system then displays its guesses on a navigation screen as to where the driver might want to go next.

Source: 4WheelsNews

According to BMW the system, which is aptly called the ILENA, short for Intelligent Learning Navigation, is already 80 percent accurate with regards to it guesses of the car’s next possible stop. This system besides the convenience also aims at efficiency. The onboard computer can do some computations and analyses based on the information it gathers and automatically adjusts the car’s performance and power utilization accordingly. When this idea is brought to all of the car’s system, it can effectively lower costs between 5-10 percent.One downside to this system is clear – people will lose their privacy as a computer keeps track of every move they make. Whether privacy is worth exchanging with a few percentages of economy is a good question to ask. Of course, different individuals may offer different answers. With the apparent success of the ILENA project, BMW will be pushing this system toward a debut within five years or so in a 7-Series sedan.

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